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Inspired & Passionate Travelers
Ramon Burgues Tour Guide

Ramon Burgués, founder of Catalan Trails

Ramon is a professional mountain guide who has traveled all over the world to more than 40 countries and has participated in hiking and trekking trips from the Himalayas to Patagonia. Now he has put all his experience into the Catalan Trails project.

Our Concept
Rupit village in Catalonia

Completely immersive experiences

We are a small, locally-owned active tourism company that wants to bring visitors to the natural landscapes, towns, gastronomy, and traditions of Catalonia. The central part of our experiences is hiking, a healthy and environmentally friendly way to discover a place and enjoy the natural landscapes. We want to combine this active part of the experience with visiting the small charming towns, tasting the local gastronomy and discovering the Catalan traditions to have a completely immersive experience.

Our Values
Aiguestortes in Catalonia

Journeys worth taking

We define ourselves as a sustainable and responsible tourism company. We want to have a positive impact on local economy by choosing the best local partners. We are eco, so we take care of the environment. We are respectful and preserve local people’s way of life. We believe quality is better than quantity so we bring you to unique, off-the-beaten-path places in small groups (max. 8 pax) that are always led by passionate local guides with a deep knowledge of the place you visit.