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Hiking near Barcelona: Top 10 Trails of Montserrat

ahiking trail in Montserrat

Hiking near Barcelona: Hiking in Montserrat Barcelona

The best hiking trails in Montserrat Barcelona

Hiking in Barcelona Spain offer many possibilities for a day out in the nature when visiting Barcelona. Close from Barcelona you have many hiking routes that will bring you to the catalan countryside. Some of best Barcelona Hiking routes are: Montserrat Hike from Barcelona, Pyrenees Hike from Barcelona or Costa Brava Camí de Ronda Hike.

Montserrat mountain near Barcelona is the best outdoor & mountain destination you can’t miss when visiting Barcelona. Located in central Catalonia, just 45 minutes away from Barcelona, Montserrat has a very unique geological formation and offers some of the most scenic hiking trails around Barcelona. The hiking trails of Montserrat Barcelona extends through the 10km (6 mile) of the mountain range offering endless routes. Hiking in Montserrat Barcelona will offer you breatthaking views. This Montserrat Hiking trail are best explored on a Barcelona Montserrat Hiking Tour with the best hiking guides to have a safe and pleasant Hiking Holiday in Spain. 

The origin of the name of the Montserrat Mountain literally translates to “toothed mountain”, describing the pinnacle rock formations and the steep walls of the mountain. 

Hiking in Montserrat Barcelona has always been a very popular  among locals, so on this blog post we want to recommend you some of the best hiking trails of Montserrat you can go from Montserrat Monastery.


Sant Jeroni 

This route to Sant Jeroni (3,5h – 7,5km) is one of the most popular hiking routes in Montserrat Barcelona. With its 1236 meters (4055 feet) Sant Jeroni is Montserrat’s highest peak. From the top of Montserrat you will have breathtaking views of most of the country, from the Pyrenees mountains to Massis dels Ports. 

The route from Montserrat Monastery to Sant Jeroni has two possible ways. We suggest going up through the Sant Miquel path and Plà de les taràntules ( following the Camí Nou de Sant Jeroni ) and then descend through the Camí Vell de Sant Jeroni passing by Santa Anna hermitage and Pas dels Francesos. 

a group of people in Montserrat

The Trail of the Hermitages and Santa Magdalena

This is a very easy and panoramic hiking trail that goes through though some of Montserrat hermitages (3h – 7 km) and offer beautiful views of el Llobregat valley and Barcelona. You will start following the hiking trail of Sant Miquel which brings you to Saint Miquel’s Cross, the best viewpoint of Montserrat Monastery. You will continue to el Plà de les Taràntules and to the hermitages of Sant Joan and Sant Onofré, hanging on the middle of a wall. From here you will start ascending to the ruins of Santa Magdalena hermitage one of Montserrat mountain most beautiful viewpoints. The route continues down through the Jacob’s stairs and returns to Montserrat Monastery through Santa Anna hermitage and Pas dels Francesos. You can explore this Barcelona Montserrat Hiking route with a Hiking guide from Barcelona.

a group of people standing on top of a mountain

The trail of la Santa Cova

This is one of Montserrat most famous trails (3km – 45min) which leads to la Santa Cova, the place where the Black Madonna of Montserrat, la Moreneta was found according to the legend. This trail has been used during centuries by the pilgrims coming to Montserrat to worship the Black Madonna. Nowadays this Montserrat hiking trail offers an easy and panoramic route from Montserrat Monastery. 

a view from Monstserrat Mountain

At Catalan Trails we offer a Montserrat Hiking Tour from Barcelona so you can explore the most scenic parts of the Barcelona Montserrat mountain and the Monastery with total safety. You will be guided by a passionate local guide with a deep knowledge of Montserrat. Join our Montserrat Hiking Tour!